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IT Project Mission

For 30 years, the NJAMHAA Information Technology (IT) Project has been leading New Jersey's community mental healthcare and addiction treatment providers through the continuous evolution of the computer age. Formed in 1984 as the Management Information System Project, a joint public/private venture among NJAMHAA, the State of New Jersey's Division of Mental Health Services (DMHS) and Project participants, the IT Project was the only venture of its kind at the time to be initiated by a state division to help non-profits implement the new technology of desktop computers. DMHS recognized that its contract agencies were struggling to implement technology and turned to NJAMHAA, the state's voice for mental health agencies, to help them. To date, no other venture as expansive as the NJAMHAA IT Project has yet to be duplicated any place else in the country, despite the immense need for it.

NJAMHAA changed the name of the project in 2003 to the IT Project to reflect a wider array of services incorporating new and future technologies. As technology continues to adapt, the IT Project is adapting with it. Most mental healthcare and addiction treatment agencies in New Jersey do not have the resources to hire experienced IT staff or consultants to show them how technology can save them time and money. The IT Project offers a low-cost solution that includes consultation, implementation, and maintenance – the Total Managed Solution!

Like a beacon in stormy weather, the IT Project can guide your organization through the turbulent waters of strained budgets, increased demand, and government regulation. To schedule a free systems analysis, please call NJAMHAA's IT Project Director June Noto, who has more than 25 years of experience in IT planning, network design, and office automation; at (609) 838-5488, ext. 202; or e-mail her at

For a listing of the IT Project's services click here.

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